Wedding plans for Jimmy and Mary

Well, we've decided we're finally going to do it. We're eloping to the Canary Islands in February. We're planning to be married on Valentines day, February 14th.  We'll be staying at the Pearly Grey Ocean Club on Tenerife in the Canaries.  Plans are still underway, but we have preliminary approval from the Catholic Church to be married in one of their most historic churches, Iglesia de la Concepción. (more info)

Mary and I will be traveling to Tenerife on the 9th or 10th of February and will return on the 19th or 20th.  We don't yet have flight reservations, but will post them when we do.  Several airlines service the Canaries including SpanAir, Iberia, KLM, and British Air.  The Canary Islands are a Spanish province and are located off the coast of west Africa.  They advertise being 3 hours from anywhere in western Europe.  Travelers from the UK constitute the #1 nationality for tourists, at 61% of visitors.

Alex found the a good deal on travel.  Here's his itenerary.


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